Exhibition of the book “Pez de Plata rBarcelona: reflect, recycle, respond”, CCCB Barcelona 2009

Presentation, in the hall of the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, of the book that reflects, through 24 initiatives of social and environmental responsibility, Barcelona´s commitment to make the city a more sustainable and habitable place. The exhibition is presented as a drop-down of the book using a screen that forms of a circle, which limits the space setting an interior and an exterior. It is a modular, stackable, transportable, self-supporting and recyclable installation, which seeks efficiency. Design that allows great flexibility to adapt to contents and to any location.

1st Prize Letra Award 2010 category: best work in ephemeral interior signage
1st Prize Anuaria Award 2010 category: best display or expositor
Bronze European Design Awards 2010 Award category: exhibition design
Gold SPARK Award Design & Architecture Awards 2010 (New York) category: experiental-events
Bronze IDEA Award Industrial Designers of America category: environments
Select J Graphic design from Spain selected for annual book publication

Duration: Inauguration in January 2010 – itinerant
Promoting: BMW Initiative
Builder: Croquis
Photographs: Daniel Loewe
In collaboration with  02_Basso architects