Hand to Hand, Madrid 2007 – Barcelona 2008

Interior signs. The giant hands inform and guide visitors on their way. The inclination of the panels allows a double reading in the direction of the pedestrian. The images are printed on 100% polyester. The thickness of the aluminum frame allows to have images on both sides. Pictures are printed on the front and green and yellow colors on the back.

1st Prize Letra Award 2007 category: best work of directory systems
1st Prize Anuaria Award 2007 category: best work of labeling and signage outside
Merit European Design Awards 2008 Category: Signs & Displays
Merit Society for Environmental Graphic Design 2010 SEGD Washington
Select G Graphic design from Spain selected for annual book publication

Location: Casa Decor Madrid – Calle Alcalá 10 / Expohogar – Fira Barcelona
Duration: April 2007 / 01.04 in February 2008
Promoting: Home Decor / Fira Barcelona
Builder: Print it!
Graphic: Alex Zambrano
Photographs: Carlos Porras / Hansel and Gretel
In collaboration with Daniel Loewe Photographer