Exhibition “Water Revolution in Barcelona. Running water and the modern city 1867-1967” MUHBA Hall of Tinell Barcelona 2010

The exhibition project takes the ‘pipe’, inextricably associated with water, as the key element of the show. The pipe is the conductor that guides visitors. The network of pipes occupies the space at 5m height and then down to the height of 3m and configure the different areas and projection rooms. The information flows in the form of printed canvas hanging from the pipes. The design of the exhibition allows people to appreciate the magnificent Hall of Tinell, the architectural  hallmark of the city.

Duration 01 March 2011 – September 25, 2011
Developer: Ajuntament de Barcelona
Exhibition curator: Manel Guàrdia
Builder: Croquis
Graphic and audiovisual: La Mosca
Photographs: Daniel Loewe
In collaboration with 02_Basso architects