Exhibition “Shanties, the Informal City”, MUHBA, Barcelona 2007

The exhibition project it is closely related to the configuration and the urban growth of the shantytowns and the city itself. It is articulated around the need to build, to erect walls, to create dwellings, built to house the content of the exhibition, open and tied to the exterior space, adapting to the needs of the program and of the exhibition hall’s space. The construction system which has been used is based on the idea of self-building. This involves some ensemble wooden modules which convey the simplicity and utilization of the material resources which were available to the shanty-dwellers.

Selected in the II Vivir con madera Awards 2008 Category: interior

Duration: July 2008 – February 2009
Developer: Ajuntament de Barcelona
Builder: Croquis
Graphic: Lo Siento
Photographs: Daniel Loewe
Contributors: Marianne Verdoux
In collaboration with  02_Basso architects