Design jewelry showroom María Pascual, Barcelona 2017

Transformation of a local on the ground floor in a jewelry showroom. The idea of ​​the project is to create a warm and functional space. Based on the customer’s needs, the space is divided into 2 areas: one for sale to the public and another for offices. Being a small room, we choose to unify the materials as much as possible and use mirrors and transparencies to achieve the maximum sensation of spaciousness. The entire perimeter is lined with wooden panels that homogenize, give rhythm to the elevation and hide the passage of facilities.
In the retail area, the exhibitor is suspended from the two main pillars, forming a large, perforated piece of furniture where the jewelry is shown and the counter is located. The low staircase is used to store sale product that is hidden behind two sliding doors. In the private area, separated by semi-transparent sliding doors, the office furniture is placed centered in the room, giving way to the bathroom and the kitchen whose access is camouflaged between the panels of the covering.

Client: María Pascual
Photographs: Daniel Loewe