Exhibition “The faces of Barcelona”, MEB Ethnological Museum Barcelona 2016

The exhibition offers a realistic vision, committed and away from topics that are easily associated with the city of Barcelona, ​​aims to rethink the city from urban objects that help analyze the environment in which we live from different perspectives.
It is an exhibition structured in 6 areas or possible routes (streets, messages, cultures, buildings, inhabitants, passerby), full of objects integrated in our urban landscape and often go unnoticed by our pace of life. Advertising posters, signs, prohibitions, graffiti and other samples of urban space.
There is no itinerary marked and the visitor can go through the hexagonal space freely. In fact, the configuration of space invites a certain disorder.

Duration: 22nd January 2016 – present
Developer: Ajuntament de Barcelona
Curator: Adrià Pujol Cruells
Production companies: Escenografia Moià SL, Wasabi SL
Graphic: Blanca Cumellas
Audiovisuals: Creueta119 Audiovisuals, Jordi Orobitg Produccions SCP
Photographs: Daniel Loewe
In collaboration with 02_Basso architects